About Los Angeles Helicopters


guillaumeGuillaume Maillet
Owner/President Chief Pilot

Born in Maubeuge, France, near Belgium, CEO of Los Angeles Helicopters, Guillaume Maillet came to the United States specifically for helicopter flight training over 20 years ago. Accomplished and FAA checked on to fly 14 different helicopter aircraft with over 20,000 flight hours, 9000 of which are as Pilot in Charge, Guillaume chose the diverse and busy airspace of Long Beach, California to build Los Angeles Helicopters’ flight school that was founded in 2000. Highly qualified as a Pilot Instructor with over 9000 hours as Pilot in Charge, and an expert speaker, flight educator and pilot trainer for advanced maneuvers and flight operations, he also developed the Los Angeles Helicopters method of instruction, syllabus training and directs the advanced training, education and evaluations of Los Angeles Helicopters Chief and Assistant Chief Flight Instructors. Working with special forces, foreign and domestic law enforcement, Guillaume is a master pilot and talented leader to crews around the world. As CEO of Los Angeles Helicopters, Guillaume presides over all Charter, Tours, Helicopter Maintenance and Professional Pilot Training divisions of the company.

Elizabeth Warren
Vice President & General Manager

Elizabeth Warren brings over 30 years executive management aviation experience to Los Angeles Helicopters with leadership roles in finance and operations from airlines that include Continental and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. As Vice President & General Manager of Operations, Liz manages finance, personnel, business operations and regulatory compliance. Her expertise in career development and retention has contributed to the high caliber pilot instruction that is offered at Los Angeles Helicopters, as well as the business’ international recognition and consistent growth of the tour, charter and professional flight training divisions of the business.  Liz brings a love of aviation and sees to each individuals’ success at Los Angeles Helicopters that range from personally helping foreign students to managing special events that promote the excitement of helicopter flight to the outside world and aspiring professional pilots.

Flight Operations

Alec Capitano
Chief Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor

martijnMartijn Adriaanse
Part 141 Assistant Chief Pilot
Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument

FerrisJackson Ferris
Certified Flight Instructor

Alex Adamson
Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument

Chris Beltran
Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument

Kaz Hinton
Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument

Levin Eggler
Certified Ground Instructor


andychavezAndy Chavez
General Manager

daniel barronDaniel Barron

Robert Harrold, Technician



becky_museBecky Muse
Aircraft Sales

Lynn Meitner
Student Coordinator

bevBeverly Guyumdzhyan
Aircraft Dispatcher and
Administrative Assistant

david-huertaDavid Huerta
Weekend Dispatcher

Jamie Choquette
Maintenance Administrator