Los Angeles Helicopters has developed its advanced training courses to offer pilots additional skills for specific helicopter missions and to enhance their core flight skills. With highly skilled professional instructors, our courses provide high-level and cost effective training for today’s modern pilot.

Transition & Recurrency Course
High Altitude & Mountain Flying Course
Advanced Emergency Training Course
Law Enforcement Pilot Training Course


The Transition and Recurrency Course is provided for pilots wanting to gain proficiency and skills in a new type of aircraft.
Our transition training provides students with an in-depth course on aircraft systems, limitation and emergency procedures.

On-site Transition Training can be provided for:

Robinson R22
Robinson R44

Turbine Transition courses are available on request for:

Robinson R66
Eurocopter AS-350
Eurocopter AS-355
Bell B206L
Augusta AW-109

Offsite Transition Training is available for:

Sikorsky S300
MD Helicopters MD500, MD520
Eurocopter AS-350 series
Bell B407
Boeing Vertol BV-107, BV-23400




When it comes to mountain flying, there is a lack of knowledge and skill provided and pilots usually get their mountain experience on the job.

Off airport training is often provided at or near sea level, and is just that, off-airport landing training. People learn the basic of the high and low reconnaissance and how to set up an approach into the wind and away from the sun. Very little consideration is usually given to the performance computation whether it is during the approach, landing or departure segment of the operation.

Los Angeles Helicopters power management course has been designed to combine the techniques used to fly in the high power demand / low power available environment. Flying at high altitude in mountainous terrain or in the hot desert region? The course is designed for you.

This course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to power management and mountain flight. Los Angeles Helicopters offers a wide variety of terrain allowing our highly experience instructors to take the pilot from the low altitude hills of the Los Angeles County to the high density altitude areas of the Angel Forest and Mojave Desert.

Upon completion of the Los Angeles Helicopters Professional Power Management Course you will have gained the basic knowledge and experience to confidently operate safely and professionally at high density altitude.

Training time:
12 hours Dual training – R44
10 hours Ground training & Pre/Post flight briefing

Completion time: 3 – 5 days



The Los Angeles Helicopters Advanced Emergency Training Course is designed to provide pilots with a better understanding and increased skills in emergency procedures such as:

  • Power Failure at altitude
  • Power failure at a hover
  • Full Down Autorotations
  • Hydraulic Failure
  • In-flight Tail Rotor Failure
  • Tail Rotor Failure at a Hover
  • System Failure
  • Day and Night

This Course is designed and conducted by Current Robinson Helicopter Factory Safety Course Instructors and career Flight Instructors with thousands of instructing hours.

This course is ideal for:

  • Industry pilots or newly rated pilots wanting to become more proficient in emergency procedures.
  • Flight Instructors wanting to brush up on their skills.
  • Companies wishing to send their pilots to a formal training course for Operation Safety Enhancement and insurance discounting.

Training time:
15 hours Dual training – R22 or R44
10 hours Ground training & Pre/Post flight briefing

Completion time: 3 – 5 days



Our respected Law Enforcement training expertise combined with our focus on delivering ‘a higher standard’ of Law Enforcement services has earned us recognition as a valued Law Enforcement partner throughout Los Angeles County.

In addition to our turn-key law enforcement solutions, we have been responsible for training many law enforcement personnel wishing to become pilots. Agencies such as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Alaska State Troopers have turned to Los Angeles Helicopters for their training needs. Los Angeles Helicopters has also helped many international agencies by providing support and training for air units in countries from Africa to the West Indies.

Los Angeles Helicopters Law Enforcement Division has developed a training program that can be tailored to any law enforcement agency. Whether the training is conducted in our aircraft or your department fleet, our instructors have extensive law enforcement backgrounds both, on the ground and as part of an air support unit. Training can be provided in any aircraft your agency uses.

The training provided includes; pilot training, TFO training, Maintenance staff training, as well as Risk Management training for all personnel of the air unit. External load training, high altitude, power management, mountain training, and advanced emergency procedures training, as well as recurrency training can be provided at the agency’s request.

The training you will receive in this course is based upon actual law enforcement standards. Upon completion of the Los Angeles Helicopters Professional Law Enforcement Course you will have gained the basic knowledge and experience to confidently operate safely and professionally as a law enforcement Pilot.