Being a Certified Flight Instructor allows a pilot to increase their proficiency and skills, whilst providing flight instruction.

The Los Angeles Helicopters Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) training is one of the most comprehensive courses throughout the USA.
This course not only prepares you for passing the CFI examinations and flight test, but importantly prepares you in an extensive manner to become a very knowledgeable and professional flight instructor.

Flight Instructor is often the first flying job a commercial pilot will have. A Certified Flight Instructor Rating provides training for new students and existing pilots alike, both flight training and ground school. In doing so, an instructor gains deeper personal knowledge of the subject area and hones their skills.


To begin CFI training, the student will have to meet the following FAA requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold an FAA Commercial Pilot’s license, with Rotorcraft Category and Helicopter Class rating
  • The student needs to be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.


The following tests and examinations are required for the Certified Flight Instructor rating:

  • FAA Medical Certificate
  • Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) Knowledge Test (Written Test)
  • CFI Knowledge Test (Written Test)
  • CFI Practical Test (Oral and Flight Test, undertaken by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner)


LA Helicopters Part 141 Certified Flight Instructor training course comprises of classroom-based ground school and flight training.

All of Los Angeles Helicopter’s ground school training is provided on a one-on-one basis (no large groups of students). Our experienced Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) provide the highest level of training, using fully equipped classrooms with projected Powerpoint presentations and video training.

As a CFI student you will be introduced to key subjects, such as the principles of flight, navigation, weather and aviation regulations. Regular stage checks will ensure you are able to pass your FAA written exams with ease.

The flight training will be conducted in the two seat Robinson R22 (or the larger R44 aircraft on request). Training will follow our FAA Part 141 syllabus and will take place at Long Beach airport, local airports and in the Los Angeles vicinity.


Assuming a full time schedule (6 Days per Week, 4-6 hours training per day) a student can expect to complete the Certified Flight Instructor course in 12 -16 weeks.

Part 141: Minimum Time Average Completion Time
Dual Training Time 25 hours 30 hours
Ground Training Time 40 hours 100 hours