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Los Angeles Helicopters is an authorized dealer and service center for the Robinson Helicopter Company, the world’s most popular helicopters. Being in close proximity to their factory in Torrance, LA Helicopters has maintained close links with Robinson and continues to be one of their top helicopter dealers.

r66_turbThe ROBINSON R66 TURBINE is a five-place helicopter that incorporates many of the design features of its reputable predecessor, the R44, including a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic and an open interior cabin configuration.

The most notable differences are its increased reserve power and altitude performance, fifth seat and large baggage compartment. HID landing lights, leather seats, and a stereo audio control panel are standard in the R66.
The Rolls-Roycs RR300 Turboshaft engine is a derivative of the RR250 series spe- cifically designed for the R66. The RR300 turbine engine operates on readily avail- able jet A fuel delivering excellent pow- er and responsiveness in a light-weight, compact installation.

With continued focus on safety, the R66 meets the latest FAA crashworthiness regulations. After five years of research and development, the R66’s design includes a well constructed cabin, energy absorbing seats and a new bladder fuel system.

Its open cabin configuration comfortably seats five adults with passenger views that are not obstructed. Increased capacity, lower acquisition and operating costs, make the R66 the ideal turbine helicopter for private, business and utility applications.

  Engine Type  Rolls Royce RR300
  Horsepower 300 shp turboshaft, derated to 270 shp for takeoff and 224 shp continuous
  Max Gross Weight 2700 lb (1225 kg)
  Approx. Empty Weight
(inc. Oil and Std. Avionics)
1280 lb (581 kg)
  Fuel Capacity (73.6 gal) 493 lb (224 kg)
  Passengers and Baggage with Max Fuel 927 lb (420 kg)
 Cruise Speed up to 125 kts (144 mph)
  Max Range (no reserve) approx 325 nm (375 sm)
  Hover Ceiling IGE @ Max Gross Weight over 10,000 ft
  Hover Ceiling OGE @ Max Gross Weight over 10,000 ft
  Rate of Climb over 1,000ft / min
  Max Operating Altitude 14,000 ft
  Electrical System 28 volt



r44_heliThe Robinson R44 series helicopter is a four place, light utility helicopter that is reliable, responsive, with great altitude performance. This makes the R44 ideal for private, business, and utility applications.

For those who expect excellence and appreciate value, at last there’s the R44 Raven. Quite simply, the Raven delivers the performance of an expensive turbine helicopter at an affordable piston price. Its sleek design, impressive speed, and unparalleled reliability give it the competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, changing environment.

The R44 Raven is offered in two models:

The R44 Raven I offers turbine performance at an affordable piston price with high reliability, fuel economy, endurance, and comfortable hydraulic controls. This model is also available with fixed-utility floats as a Clipper I.

The high-performance R44 Raven II is designed for more payload, higher altitudes, and faster speeds with all the luxuries of the Raven I. The latest in the R44 line, this aircraft is also available as a Clipper II, Police Helicopter, and Newscopter.

Please call for current Pricing on the Raven,Raven 2, Clipper, Newscopter and Police Ship.



Raven I Raven II
  Engine Type Lycoming O-540 carbureted Lycoming IO-540 fuel injected
  Cylinders 6 cylinders 6 cylinders
  Max Gross Weight 2400 lb (1089 kg) 2500 lb (1134 kg)
  Approx. Empty Weight
(inc. Oil and Std.  Avionics)
1442 lb (654 kg) 1500 lb (680 kg)
  Standard Fuel
(29.5 gal)
177 lb (80 kg) 177 lb (80 kg)
  Auxilliary Fuel (17 gal) 102 lb (46 kg) 102 lb (46 kg)
  Passengers and  Baggage with  Standard Fuel 781 lb (354 kg) 823 lb (373 kg)
 Cruise Speed up to 113 kts (130 mph) up to 116 kts (135 mph)
  Max Range
(no reserve)
approx 300 nm (350 sm) approx 300 nm (350 sm)
  Hover Ceiling IGE @ gross weight 6400 ft 8950 ft
  Hover Ceiling OGE @ 2300 lb 4000 ft 7500 ft
Rate of Climb over 1000 fpm over 1000 fpm
Max Operating Altitude 14,000 ft 14,000 ft
  Electrical System 14 Volt 28 Volt

r22_logoThe Robinson R22 BETA II helicopter is a two place, light utility helicopter with responsive handling and quick maneuverability.

Powered by a Lycoming O-360 four-cyclinder engine, the R22’s proven reliability, low maintenance, and low operating costs make it ideal for a variety of applications.Superior performance, outstanding reliability, and exceptional value have made the two-seat R22 the world’s most popular entry-level helicopter for nearly two decades.

r22_1More than 3,600 R22 helicopters have been delivered to more than 60 countries around the globe. The R22 holds major performance records in its weight class including speed and distance. And the latest R22 Beta II is still sensibly priced with the industry’s lowest cost of operation.

  Engine Type Lycoming O-360 four-cylinder, carbureted
  Horsepower Derated to 131 hp for takeoff
and 124 for cruise
  Max Gross Weight 1370 lb (621 kg)
  Approx. Empty Weight
(inc. Oil and Std. Avionics)
855 lb (388 kg)
  Standard Fuel (19.2 gal) 115 lb (52 kg)
  Auxilliary Fuel (10.5 gal) 63 lb (29 kg)
  Passengers and Bagage with Standard Fuel 400 lb (181 kg)
  Max Airspeed (Vne) 102 kts (118 mph)
 Cruise Speed up to 96 kts (110 mph)
  Max Range (w/aux fuel) approx 260 nm (300 sm)
  Hover Ceiling IGE @ 1370 lb 9400 ft
  Hover Ceiling OGE @ 1300 lb 8000 ft
  Max Operating Altitude 14,000 ft
  Electrical System 14 volt