Experienced in all aspects of international student flight training, accommodations, student VISA requirements and test preparation, Los Angeles Helicopters boasts an alumni of professional pilot graduates since 2000.

Training students from around the world, Los Angeles Helicopters supports its students at every stage of the process. Studying in a foreign country may seem complicated so we help walk our students through the stages from the beginning visa application to meeting you at the airport on your arrival. Approved to issue M-1 Student Visas, we provide coordination of housing, transportation, language assistance and coordination of all flight training requirements, exams and documentation.

International Flight Students
Visas and Student Requirements

The United States has so much to offer flight students and Southern California is the best place in the USA to learn aviation. With it’s incredible coastline, the busy city of Los Angeles provides excellent air space training, ideal flying weather with varied terrain and training ground that stretches from sea-level to high mountains within minutes.

Airspace – Fly Here and Fly Anywhere!
The Los Angeles area has many International airports alongside many smaller general aviation airfields. This creates very busy airspace, a mix of fixed wing airplanes and helicopter traffic. Busy airspace quickly builds students’ skills in communicating on the radio with air traffic control facilities and other aircraft, while navigating controlled airspace.

Los Angeles Helicopters operates from Long Beach Airport, a busy commercial hub with air carriers such as Jet Blue, Delta and Southwest all operating from the field. Alongside the commercial airlines, Long Beach is a popular general aviation airport with multiple helipads and many smaller fixed wing aircraft operations. These conditions improve students’ piloting skills while student’s confidence builds as well, through dealing with busy air traffic, airport procedures and radio communications. When you learn to fly here with Los Angeles Helicopters, you will graduate with the skills to fly anywhere!