Los Angeles Helicopters provides Aerial Photography and Aerial Filming services for all levels of client,
from large corporations to the individual filmmaker.

With the low operating cost and proven reliability of our Robinson R-44 aircraft we can provide custom tailored aerial filming and photography at a cost effective price.

Aerial photography and video offers a unique perspective to clients and the versatilely of the helicopter allows for that unique shot. We have provided flight photography and filming for many prestigious law firms, City, State and Federal Government agencies, international corporations, sporting organizations, construction companies, ad agencies, real estate concerns, boat builders, oil companies, public relations firms and private investigators.

Having been in the business for many years, LA Helicopters has forged links with some of the best photographers and videographers in the LA Area. On request we can provide the right professional to provide the video or photographic solutions you need for your project.

Alternatively we also cater for video and photography professionals with their own equipment. With many years of experience in the business, we are happy to accommodate special request and are well equipped to provide for your personal requirements in equipping our camera ship to your project requirements.

We can also provide gyro stabilized camera platforms for our flight operations, enabling the cameraman to provide the highest level of smoothness and stability of their camera system.

Please contact us on (562) 377-0396 for more details on Aerial Photography Services.